perfect father

The Perfect Father

There is only one perfect father-our heavenly Father. He has a family that He cares for. He has never failed or let any of His children down. He has stood by fathers in every imaginable situation and helped them master their situations. We can learn much about fathering from Him.

In the next few articles, we will consider our heavenly Father in order to benefit personally in our relationship with Him. In the process, we will learn from Him how to be better fathers ourselves. How comforting to have a perfect Father to help us in our fathering!

On various occasions, God referred to Himself as a father when trying to help others to understand Him and His desires. One outstanding time, He tried to reach Israel through the prophet Hosea. And it was a difficult task because of how Israel was acting. We want to learn from His message to them, which is recorded in chapter 11 of Hosea.