Seven Basic Principles That Govern our Personal Lives and Relationships

Seven Basic Principles That Govern our Personal Lives and Relationships

These seven principles are:

design, authority, responsibility, suffering, ownership, freedom, success

Just as there are universal laws that govern the world of nature, there are basic principles that govern our personal lives and relationships. These seven Biblical principles apply to every person, regardless of culture, background, religion, age, education, or social status.

An understanding of these principles can bring insights into the cause-and-effect sequences of life. Consequently, individuals can become equipped to make wise choices and avoid failure.


God has a precise purpose for each person, object, and relationship that He creates. As we understand and live in harmony with His design, we will discover self-acceptance, identity, and fulfillment in life.


God assigns various responsibilities to parents, church leaders, government officials, and other authorities. As we learn to acknowledge and honor these authorities, we can see God work through them to provide direction and protection in our lives. Honoring our authorities brings inward peace.


God holds us accountable for every word, thought, action, attitude, and motive. When we offend others, asking for forgiveness and making proper restitution are essential steps to maintaining a clear conscience.


The hurts of offenders can reveal our “blind spots.” God grants us grace for personal cleansing, growth, and achievement as we learn to respond with full forgiveness to those who offend us.


Everything we have has been entrusted to us by God, and we are to use these resources wisely. Yielding our personal rights and expectations to God brings true security and enables us to overcome anger and worry.


Godly freedom is not the privilege to do what we want; rather, Godly freedom is the power to do what is right. Regaining ground that has been surrendered to sin brings moral purity, equipping us to serve others in genuine love.


We can discover God’s purpose for our lives by engrafting Scripture into our hearts and minds, using it to “think God’s thoughts” and to build a foundation for making wise decisions.