Sometimes My Feelings Get Hurt

Sometimes My Feelings Get Hurt
Sometimes I wish a person or a group of people would understand my heart and care for me. Sometimes I just want to cry out and beg someone to stop hurting me. We are human, and we all have feelings, and those feelings are sensitive, and sometimes those feelings get hurt. I know I am not the only one who at times feels this way. Sometimes after a spiritual fall we are even more sensitive to the hurts people intentionally or unintentionally inflict upon us. If we are not careful it can stifle our restoration. OK, now that we have that established what do we do next?
1. Get over it as quickly as possible. Do not let it fester. How?
2. Take it to the Lord and ask Him to bear it for you. NO! Do not run to all your friends who may encourage you to seek vengeance or give you sympathy instead of encouragement. There is a difference.
3. Think of others who are hurting more than you. Yes, there are people who have more than hurt feelings in their lives. When I get my feelings hurt I think of them and it helps me not be a cry-baby.
4. Ask the Lord what you can learn from the situation. You mean God may actually use this for a purpose? Gasp! Imagine that! Duh, yes he can, will and wants to.
5. Don't expect sympathy. Everyone has their own hurts. Do not be a whine-bag seeking for people to feel sorry for your poor little hurt feelings. Guess what! We all get our feelings hurt and you are no different.
6. Quit worshiping your feelings. Far too many have made feelings into idols. When our feelings call we bow down and respond. STOP IT! They are feelings not objects to be worshipped.
7. Don't let your feelings be your guide. Let them teach you not guide you. Oh that we could learn this. Far too many of us allow our feelings to lead us rather than to guide us to respond in a spiritual manner.
8. Train your feelings to be for others not self. Compassion over self pity is a good example. Feel for others who are truly suffering and your feelings will be too busy to be hurt over petty things.
9. Don't allow your feelings to define you. Some people are known for their wrong reactions to their feelings. We call them hotheads, drama-queens, crybabies, etc. Do not get the reputation as one whose feelings are who they are.
10. Train your feelings to be Christlike. Christ felt. so He could feel for us not for Himself. Here is an idea. Be touched by the feelings of others infirmities like Christ is.
11. Live in God’s great peace. What is that? Well, it is when we love his law more than we love ourselves. That is how we have great peace.
So, there you have it. A few tips good for all of us who have our feelings hurt from time to time. Perhaps the most important thing we must do is to be pre-prepared for the things hurt us and know how we are going to react before they happen. That is what can change you from a person whose feelings are easily hurt to a person whose spirit always rises above the hurts others inflict on you.