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Why we are not a registered non-profit organization with the US government.

Preaching the truths of the Gospel is perilous in these times, when it is no longer proper to speak against sin.  Other legally recognized non-profit organizations have lost their non-profit status. 
What many do not realize is that obtaining this recognition places the organization's property under the control of the Federal Government. 
The laws governing property owned by a non-profit organization provide that such property cannot be given to anyone, but another non-profit organization.  Let us say, the government decided to revoke our non-profit status, because the truth we preach is a 'hard saying'.  Then all of our property would have to be given to another non-profit organization.  In fact, the government might decide who God's property would be given to. 
In other words God's property would be given away, probably to some ungodly organization.  We would prefer to give under Caesar the things that are Caesars, so that we can protect God's property.  In this way, we are free to preach the Gospel as God has handed down to us in Sacred Scripture and Tradition.