Its a Whole New World When You Fall in Love

Its a Whole New World When You Fall in Love

When Jesus walked on this earth, He was deeply moved by the lostness and suffering of humanity. His heart ached over the harvest fields that were about to perish. He wept over Jerusalem and a nation that had rejected their Messiah. He knew what was waiting for them, and it broke His heart.

We cannot be disciples of Christ and live like Jesus lived unless we too have a broken heart and tears to weep over those who are perishing without Him and God’s love.

There have been times when I have prayed for loved one, friends and or co workers, unable to control my tears as I prayed for the salvation of their souls.

But then I  find myself getting busy with "things".

I am working on podcasts, studying for sermons, preparing lessons, etc. fulfilling priestly responsibilities and doing well. But by and by, I find I don't cry anymore. It's not that I do anything specifically wrong. I am busy with the work of the ministry, and some people think I am spiritual.

However, without my being aware of it, the affections of my heart had shifted from being consumed with Jesus and others to focusing on the ministry it self.

I find myself buying "things" I do not need, books, things to feed my fleshly appetite. At the same time, I am committed to the Catholic faith, and I say my prayers, and write my devotions and give messages that people like. But on the inside I will be dying. Even the Bible had become just a tool for me to prepare my sermons.

There I am, asking myself, “How can something like this happen?”

I minute you can know God so intimately, He talks to you and you hear Him, but then the next minute you can not find Him.

It is in those times that you have to make a decision about what to do about the direction you are heading.

There is no  point in continuing in ministry if my heart is spiritually dead.

There comes a time that we must come to the Lord in desperation and humility with a simple prayer: “Jesus, I don’t know what to do. I know so much and everybody thinks I am a spiritual person, but I am so lost. I don’t know where You are, and I can’t find You. Please talk to me.” And He will. At the end of seeking Him for however long it takes, the Lord will show up. I can’t explain how, but before long you will hear Him say, “I have been waiting for this day when you would come to the end of yourself. I have called you. I know you.”

I expected the Lord to say, “You messed up. go back to your secular job." But He didn’t.

Instead, during those times alone with God I am overcome with the awareness that He loves me, He understands me and He wants me.

The heart is soften again. The tears for others begin to flow again. and I can't think of anything else than just being His. I will be overwhelmed by His love. during those times He can ask me to do anything outrageous, and I would do it.

I believe God, in His mercy, allows us to take this kind of spiritual journey so that the ministry He wants me to do is born out of love for Him.

One outcome of this kind of encounter with the Lord may well be that you look at the possessions you have accumulated for yourself, and you start giving them away. They loose their pull on your heart.

Another will be that your heart will once again ache for the world that does not know Jesus, and you will pray and weep for the multitudes who are dying without knowing His love.

My dear friend, you may feel spiritual in a crowd on Sunday morning, but following the Lord is intensely personal.

You cannot borrow this life from someone else, nor can you get it by imitating the actions of others. You see, giving away material things and praying with tears for those living without the truth of Christ has nothing to do with attempting to act like Jesus. It is the result of being overcome by His love for me and falling in love with Him.

The apostle John wrote, Let us therefore love God, because God first hath loved us. (1 John 4:19).

I don’t know where you are in following the Lord, but if your heart is unmoved by the things that break Jesus’ heart and your eyes are dry, then I urge you to seek Him and wait in His presence until you are overcome by His love and you love Him back.

Everything about following the Lord will change when you fall in love with Jesus.