Slick Man

Slick Saul

When I compare the life of David to the life of Saul it frightens me how easily I could have been like Saul. Saul was slick. He was clever. He was good at persuading people. He was smarter than all the people. He knew the laws better than all the people. He was a better debater than all the people. He was a better negotiator than all the people. And all that it got him was rejection by God.

David on the other hand was not so slick. David was a shepherd boy who had been chosen by God to be the king. He didn't try to negotiate his way to God through Nathan. He simply repented of what he had done and made it right, while Saul assumed he could just turn on the charm and negotiating skills and get right with God. He was so arrogant that he actually believed that everybody would succumb to his greatness and respond the way he wanted them to. He found out very quickly that God doesn't play games. When you try to manipulate God you are in danger of a life of destruction not just a temporary season of it.

Slick Saul had learned how to get by on his brains and brawn. He should have fought Goliath but somehow he deceived himself into thinking it wasn't his fight and that somebody else should fight it instead. He didn't offer himself to fight Goliath. He was willing to give up his own daughter for someone else to defeat him. Slick Saul cared more about his own life and safety than his own daughters. Good thing for Saul that David was a good man or no telling who could have married his daughter. Slick Sauls have little regard for others.

Slick Saul, who instead of repenting of not fighting Goliath decide to destroy David for doing the courageous thing he refused to do. It's amazing how we can judge someone else so easily when we fail ourselves. That is what Saul did because he was slick.

Slick Saul, who was able to blame the people for his disobedience. It is interesting how a leader like Saul blames his followers for his failures. That's what slick Sauls do. They do not accept responsibility, but they expect others to. David did of course accept responsibility. He blamed NO ONE except himself for his sin. That is why David was accepted by God and slick Saul was rejected.

Slick Saul, who wanted to tell Samuel how to handle his situation. He tried to manipulate the man God sent to rebuke him rather than repent. But of course it didn't work. It never does. Slick Sauls think they are superior to those who tell them what they do not want to hear.

Slick Saul, who who spent his entire life angry at David for merely doing what Saul should have and could have done. It would lead to a tragic ending as it always does for slick Sauls. You see, “The man that with a stiff neck despiseth him that reproveth him, shall suddenly be destroyed: and health shall not follow him. .”(Proverbs 29:1) Yes, slick Saul had hardened his neck and was too smart for his own good. No one was big enough to put him in his place because slick Saul was not going to be put in his place by anyone.

There was a time when I was heading down the path of slick Saul, but I am so thankful that one day God cut me down to size and I realized I am not nearly as smart as I thought I was and I am not a good enough negotiator to bargain with God. Be careful fallen away Catholic. The destiny of slick Sauls is not a good one because God will not be fooled. (DH)

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