Resist The Devil And He Will Fly From You

Resist The Devil And He Will Fly From You

The Bible says 'The Name of Jesus is the Name at which Satan will always flee.' The picture that most Christians have in their minds is one of Satan chasing them and of their running for their lives from him. But that is exactly the opposite of what the Bible teaches.

What do you think? Was Satan afraid of Jesus or not? We all know that Satan was scared to stand before our Saviour. Jesus is the Light of the world, and the prince of darkness had to disappear from before Him.

Jesus told His disciples about how He had seen the fall of Satan in heaven. And there, Jesus said, that Satan's fall had been "like lightning" (Luke 10:18) when God cast him out. When Jesus told Satan in the wilderness, "Be gone, Satan!", he disappeared from Jesus' presence too at the speed of lightning. And when we resist Satan in the Name of Jesus today, he will flee from before us too at the speed of light. The darkness flees before the light.

Satan is afraid of the Name of Jesus. He is afraid to be reminded of the fact that Jesus is Lord. Demon-possessed people will not confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, neither will they confess that Satan was defeated on the cross. There is power in the Name of Jesus Christ to make any devil flee from you - at the speed of lightning. Never forget that.

I want to tell you that anytime in your life if you are in a difficulty or facing some insurmountable problem, when you are facing something for which there appears to be no human answer, call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus. Say to Him, "Lord Jesus, You are on my side against the devil. Help me now" And then turn to Satan and tell him, "In Jesus Name I resist you, Satan." I want to tell you that Satan will flee from you immediately, because Jesus defeated him on the cross. Satan is powerless against you when you walk in the light of God and resist him in Jesus' Name.

Satan obviously does not want you to know about his defeat and that is why he has prevented you from hearing about it for so long. That is why he has stopped most preachers from preaching about his defeat as well.

I want you all to know this clearly that Satan was defeated once and for all by the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. You need never again be afraid of Satan. He cannot trouble you. He cannot harm you. He may tempt you. He may attack you. But the grace of God in Christ will always make you victorious over him, if you humble yourself, submit to God and walk in His light at all times. There is tremendous power in the light. Satan, the prince of darkness, can never enter the realm of light. If Satan has power over many believers, it is because they walk in darkness, living in some secret sin, not forgiving others, or being jealous of someone, or pursuing some selfish ambition in their lives, etc. Then Satan gets power over them. Otherwise, he cannot touch them.

Never allow the devil to pollute your minds in any way. If your mind is impure, you won't be able to use the Name of Jesus against Satan effectively. The Name of Jesus is not like some magic mantra that can be repeated to ward off evil. No! You have to submit to God first. Only then will the devil flee from you when you resist him. But the devil won't be afraid of you if you don't submit every area of your life to God.

Give your life to Christ completely then - now itself - and determine that you will live only and totally for Him henceforth.