And the Word Was Made Flesh

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“And the Word was made flesh.” John 1:14

Do we consider the Last Gospel said at the end of most Masses? On the Nativity of Our Lord, when this is read as the main Gospel, our thoughts are on the birth of Jesus as they should be. And yet, there is much in this holy Gospel that should be considered. And let us consider only one point today.

After Adam and Eve fell, God promised them a Redeemer.

He gave them His word that He would send a Redeemer. Now God always keeps His promises, and this promise was kept, when the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. God has given us an example to follow. He gave His word to Adam and Eve to send a Redeemer and He followed through and sent the Word, Jesus Christ. Now God went overboard. He could have merely sent Jesus who would save us easily. No, He went all out and sent Jesus to be sacrificed to redeem us from our sins.

Now the question we must ask ourselves is this, do we keep our word as well as God has kept His word?

We must remember that our word is our bond. When we say we are going to do something, we make a commitment and we should not take this lightly. We must be dependable. People must know that when we say we will do something, we follow through with it. The safety of society depends upon all of us being faithful to keeping our word.

What many of us do is we say we will do something, but are not really serious about following through. When we offer to do something, we should be serious about following through. Therefore before we offer to do something, we should consider whether or not we can keep our word. Then, when we say we will do something we will be ready and able to follow through and be faithful to our promise.

And let us go a step further. We make a promise to do something under certain circumstances. Then circumstances change making it difficult to follow through. Instead of asking to be released, if possible let us follow through any way. Let us be faithful even, when keeping our word is difficult. When we give our word, let us look to the Crucifix and remember how well God kept His Word to us.


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